Sunny Bunny

Sunny Bunny hops straight into your heart!

At Cumulus City & Resort hotels, we want to make sure that each time they visit, our youngest guests have a wonderfully rich and exciting experience that will remain a happy childhood memory for many years to come. That is why we created Sunny Bunny!

Sunny Bunny is the Cumulus City & Resort hotels’ very own resident mascot that will have you feeling bright and cheery even when the weather is cloudy and rainy. Before starting the career as a hotel mascot, Sunny Bunny lived in a toy box and now looks forward to meeting all the little ones. With lots of fun activities to keep them busy during their hotel stay, Sunny Bunny will soon have kids bunny hopping for joy. You can spot Sunny Bunny in all Cumulus City & Resort receptions, restaurants, play areas and corridors as well as on the pages of the Sunny Bunny activity book!

In summer 2017, Sunny Bunny will be a particularly visible presence at Cumulus Resort Laajavuori spa hotel in Jyväskylä, where we will be offering a range of fun activities for children, including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Adventure trail
  • Music and story time
  • Magic tricks
  • Bouncy castle

Who is this?

Sunny Bunny didn’t want to be like all the other soft toys. It dreamed of a life of great adventure beyond the toy box. One day at the end of a holiday, the dream finally came true when it fell out of a bag in a hotel foyer. That was the start of Sunny Bunny’s exciting adventures across Cumulus City & Resort hotels.