Price guarantee

We guarantee you the best possible price when you make your room reservation to Cumulus City & Resort hotel from our reservation website. 

If you have reserved a room from one of our hotels on our website ( and you find a better offer on another website, we will give you the first night of your stay free of charge (max. one room/reservation).

This price guarantee is valid if the room was reserved within 24 hours from the same hotel for the same duration, to the same room class, for the same amount of rooms and guests, as well as with the same price and reservation conditions and same currency.

Notify us about a better price 

You can let us know about a better offer on the price of rooms by emailing us at within 24 hours from the time you completed your reservation. We need to be notified at the latest 72 hours before your check-in time for the hotel.

We must be able to verify the better price. To be able to verify the better price, please let us know the address of the website the offer is on as well as the time and date you found the price. Please attach to your message a screenshot of the better price you discovered. Include in your email your name and booking reference for our hotel, the name of the hotel, arrival and departure dates, and the prices listed on our site and the other site. 

Price guarantee is not valid

  • If the better offer is for companies only or another kind of offer that is not publicly available, including but not limited to offers for groups and meetings, package deals, and campaign and membership offers.
  • If the name of the hotel is only given after completing the reservation.
  • If the reservation is auction-based.
  • If the reservation includes more than 9 rooms.
  • If the reservation is made in a different currency.
  • Price differences less than one euro (€1)
  • If the prices have been saved on your personal browser and have since expired (e.g. prices saved to a cookie) or if the prices are otherwise expired.
  • If the reservations were made on a third-party website such as Elvoline, Amoma or Otel, that is not a Restel partner site or official reseller.
  • If the reservations are made as reservation requests and confirmation about the success of the reservation is delayed.

Restel Hotellit Oy reserves the right to change these conditions or end this price guarantee at any time without any notice in advance.