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Booking a room in one of the Cumulus City & Resort hotels is simple and safe with our own reservation site.

You can also turn to our chat service for assistance. Book a room in any of our hotels by calling the Restel Central Reservations, tel. +358 20 055 055 (international call charge). The customer service is open 24/7. 

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The room prices of our hotels vary according to the hotel, room type and season. Plussa and PINS customers receive a 10 % discount from normal daily rates. In addition, hotel accommodation and restaurant services accumulate Plussa points and PINS. The membership benefits of Hotel Bonus Club are included in normal daily rates. The room prices for loyalty programme customers are only available via our own reservation site. Some of our accommodation offers are only valid in exchange for a promotion code.

Most of our room prices include an overnight stay, breakfast buffet and sauna, the use of pool and gym (if available), the free use of the pool area in spa hotels and complimentary WiFi. In some of our hotels you also have the opportunity to book a room without breakfast.

Price guarantee

We guarantee you the best possible price when you make your room reservation from our reservation website. 

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Benefits and customer loyalty cards

We reward our loyal customers with a variety of benefits.

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